Vente chez Sotheby’s New York : 2 chiens de Jacquemart – Barbezat – Val d’Osne

Sont mis aux enchères en octobre deux chiens de fonte signés Jacquemart et Barbezat Val d’Osne. Curieusement, les estimations sont très différentes : l’un est chiffré entre 4 et 6000 dollars US, l’autre à 2500-3000 seulement (si l’on peut dire). Vente Mary Sayles Booker Braga (voir en fin d’article la présentation de la personne).

Ils sont présentés ainsi :


Alfred Jacquemart (1824-1896) was one of the leading contributors to the French Animalier School of the 19th century. He produced numerous small groups of animals in bronze, but unlike many of his contemporaries, he also produced works in cast-iron which were founded by both the Barbezat and later the Val d’Osne foundries. A similar pair is illustrated in the 1857 catalogue produced by the Barbazat (sic) Iron Foundry.
A cast iron figure of a hound after the model by Alfred Jacquemart
stamped with foundry mark inscribed Barbezat & Co., Val D’Osne, marked A.J.
height 31 3/4 in.; length 24 3/4 in.
81 cm; 63 cmCapture d'écran 2015-10-18 06.42.24

Lien :
Capture d'écran 2015-10-18 06.44.49

A cast-iron figure of a hound after the model by Alfred Jacquemart
stamped with foundry mark inscribed Barbezat & Co., Val D’Osne, marked A.J.
height 31 1/2 in.; length 24 3/4 in.
80 cm; 63 cm



Born in New York City in 1921, Mrs. Braga enthusiastically embraced the equestrian lifestyle while attending Foxcroft School near Middleburg, Virginia. She married B. Rionda Braga, the sugar magnate whose family business was at one time the largest private grower of Cuban sugar in the Western world. The couple spent significant time together in Europe, where Mrs. Braga came to appreciate the aesthetic of the English country home. On her husband’s death in 1986, Mrs. Braga purchased the ‘Oakendale’ estate near Middleburg, and moved to Virginia for the remainder of her life.

Mrs. Braga was a disciplined collector throughout her life, and purchased fine art and furniture from leading dealers in both London and New York, such as Mallett, Agnew’s, and Tryon Gallery. The October sale encompasses her impressive selection of paintings and drawings, spanning from 17th century English landscapes through to 20th century portraiture, as well as a significant selection of English furniture, English yellow-ground porcelain, and more.

Fine art from the collection reflects Mrs. Braga’s connoisseurship – from a bronze by Degas to a study by Jean Leon Gérôme. Twentieth Century British artist Sir Alfred Munnings is represented by three works, including the pastoral scene By Himself (estimate $70/90,000). Works by Aaron Shikler hung side-by-side with paintings by Sir George Clausen and Victoria Dubourg – wife of Henri Fantin-Latour. Mrs. Braga frequented the New York gallery Mark Brady Inc. where she purchased many Old Master and 19th Century drawings as well as 20th Century works by contemporary artists Simon Parkes and Marc de Montebello. She became friends with and a patron of Julian Barrow, who brilliantly painted interiors and landscapes of her homes.


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