1948 : l’acier américain joue du patriotisme US

« STEEL IS STRONG . . . STEEL IS LONG-LASTING . . . and this symbol means the product is made of quality steel».

THE men and women who make, USS Steels are proud of them. Proud of the craftsmanship and hard-won knowledge that go into them. That’s why they like to “sign” these’steels with the USS trade mark .. .just as an artist signs a painting. And that’s why you’ll often find the USS trade-mark on articles you buy… on cooking utensils, furniture, wheelbarrows and hundreds of other things made of steel. The manufacturers of those products want you to know they’ve used good steel in making them… USS Steel.

The USS symbol shown here is one of a family of USS trade-marks. Some are different in color, some say “Stainless Steel” or “Vitrenamel” or “Premier Spring Wire”… but all have the three big letters USS prominently displayed. Whenever you see these letters USS—the trade-mark of United States Steel—you know the steel is good.

FURNACE and ductwork of U-S-S Steel mean a trim, modern basement…good looking and efficient. »
Ces deux publicités datent de 1948 – Extraitest de: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945. « The Ladies’ home journal. ».


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